Conservation framing techniques at Lampros Gallery, the craft of custom art framing, as we know it, was born in the Renaissance period, a time of enlightenment, great minds began to once again envision the wonders and beauties of the universe and create works to personify those visions and create custom framing here in Texas.

Conservation Framing Techniques Custom Art Framing


Often, but not to be confused with true conservation which is the "restoration" of a frame or work of art, what is referred to as conservation is in effect Preservation framing techniques.

Two of our staff,
LINDA WASSELL,MCPF and SUZANNE HAMM,CPF are working on 100+ year old quilt.

The act of packaging the art or object in a way that it can be readily removed without causing any damage. The package should incorporate state of the art practices and applicable materials and introduce nothing that could over any length of time cause damage or an alteration to the subject.

Acid free mats and mounts, the use of a UV inhibiting glazing (glass) product and a policy of following the F.A.C.T.S. (Fine Art Care and Treatment Standards) guidelines are the cornerstone of the Frame Craft approach.