French matting at Lampros Gallery, the craft of large picture frames, as we know it, was born in the Renaissance period, a time of enlightenment, great minds began to once again envision the wonders and beauties of the universe and create works to personify those visions and create custom frame craft here in Texas .

French Matting Large Picture Frames Frame Craft


Falling into the category of advanced mat decoration techniques, French matting is practiced extensively by Frame Craft framers with the talents of Linda Wassell being considered legendary. Linda has garnered several awards for her designs incorporating French mats and has served as an instructor for the P.P.F.A on numerous occasions at workshops and educational seminars around the country.

A classic approach to bordering antique prints, etchings and engravings, French mats have been used on a number of different subjects including, but certainly not limited to, wedding invitations, photographs, certificates and of course many other items.

A sample of French Matting technique.
The picture in back, is the work in progress.