Needlepoint art framing at Lampros Gallery, the craft of custom art frames, as we know it, was born in the Renaissance period, a time of enlightenment, great minds began to once again envision the wonders and beauties of the universe and create works to personify those visions and create custom framing here in Texas.

Needlepoint Art Framing Custom Art Frames Texas


Without a doubt an area of excellence for each member of the Frame Craft team. In 1987 Frame Craft became involved in one of the most inspirational projects a picture framer could imagine. The Woodlands United Methodist Women asked owner Peter Lampros to frame the needleart pieces for their annual Craft Circle Auction, which benefits foreign and domestic missions.

A carte blanche design concept was developed to frame each piece as though it was a most precious family heirloom. The framer has total control of the design and is compensated from a portion of the proceeds of the auction.

The combination has proven to be incomparable in it's success for Craft Circle, for Frame Craft, for the missions, and for subsequent needleart customers who have come to appreciate the Frame Craft framers unfettered approach to needleart framing.

Providing an in depth knowledge of the types and styles of needleart, how each should be properly handled and the idea that "you cannot overframe needleart". Indeed, Craft Circle is an official Frame Craft holiday.

A cross stitch of Madonna
created for UWM Craft Circle 1998
Framed by