Period framing at Lampros Gallery, the craft of custom picture framing, as we know it, was born in the Renaissance period, a time of enlightenment, great minds began to once again envision the wonders and beauties of the universe and create works to personify those visions and create custom framing here in Texas.

Period Framing Custom Picture Framing Texas



Proper framing is more than materials and techniques. Knowledge of frame styles and periods is essential to the finished product and how it fits into its environment.

Art periods and architectural styles are also key to providing the correct "whole" package. Occasionally frame styles and art periods can intermingle, but ultimately it is the picture framers job to know the differences and how to apply them.

A keen interest in providing the right frame for the right piece enables the Frame Craft team to continually satisfy our customers needs and our own inherent need to be both creative and correct.

"Lady with pearl earring"
A fine example of the
17th Century Dutch

Framed by:
Peter J. Lampros, CPF