Shadow boxes at Lampros Gallery, the craft of wall picture frames, as we know it, was born in the Renaissance period, a time of enlightenment, great minds began to once again envision the wonders and beauties of the universe and create works to personify those visions and create custom framing here in Texas.

Shadow Boxes Wall Picture Frames Texas

Texas A&M Cadet Corps
Boot to Cover collection.


This W.W.I uniform jacket, breeches, and cap are combined with photos, discharge papers, diary and small accouterments including a disarmed grenade to create an interesting narrative of this soldiers tour of duty.

Probably this form should be entitled "no" shadow box since the object is to create a deep enough space to display the subject without casting shadows on it. This style of frame enables the framing of just about anything, and just when you think you've seen it all something new hits the counter.


This 1881 pistol and descriptive silver nameplate are displayed in a frame which opens from the front to allow easy access for inspection or cleaning.
The pistol rests on coated supports that protect the stock and barrel from abrasions. The glass features a subtle period design etched in each corner.


A collage of formal and candid photos, letters and a USS Texas belt buckle. The border is etched and gilded with the official Navy insignia.


This Charles M. Russell limited edition collectors plate is displayed in a hand-crafted leather frame imported from Peru. Depth within the frame is achieved by stacking a fillet and liner covered in rich suede cloth. The plate is supported by specially designed acrylic clips. Museum Glass offers UV protection but gives a look that is virtually invisible.


A military shadow box featuring W.W.II jacket and hat with commemorative US flag, shell casings & memorabilia.
The frame is 12 karat white gold with closed key corners & stars.


At Frame Craft we've built boxes for countless oddities including baseballs, golf clubs, guitars, violins, guns, sabers, mainframe computer chips, eyeglasses, military awards, christening gowns and even the mysterious oosik (you'll have to ask in person, a description, however innocent, would activate certain internet filters) to mention but a few.

The point is that you name it, we'll frame it. Our rule is so long as it's not moving and breathing we'll frame it.


1995 - 2003 State Capital Ornaments
Texas flag mat with gilded bevels encircling each ornament.


The Superbowl program, ticket and collectors pins are the focal point for this project. The program and tickets are supported with preservation quality supports that maintain the original condition of the pieces. The names of participating teams and the final score is etched into the UV filtering glass, then gilded for a "super" presentation